St. John the Precursor’s church in Kardzhali

This is a fortified monastery at the right bank of Arda river. Its building starred in the IX century and it was reorganized in the XI century. They built a fortress wall with square towers in the corners and in the middle of each wall and the temple started functioning as a bishop’s residence. There are wall-paintings preserved, dating from the XIII century.

The stone mushrooms

The stone mushrooms are rock formations, located east of the village of Beli Plast, at the road, connecting Kardzhali with Haskovo. The protected site has a total area of 3 hectares. It was declared a natural landmark by Order No 1427 of 13 May 1974.

The church „St. Assumption“

The church „St. Assumption „is located in neighborhood „Gledka“ in the town of Kardzhali. Cloister includes church and monastery. The church is a basilica dating from the twentieth century, acting temple monument.

The Cave – Womb

The Womb cave is situated 25 km from the town of Kardzhali, high in the mountains above the hut Borovitsa in rocky area Dangardak Kaya (The ringing stone).